5 Tips to ensure your team remains focused on the organizations vision

The world has been taken over by the COVID-19 virus, life as we know it has changed. The way we do business has changed with the majority of the world working from home as most countries are in lockdown. Unsure of when this will end and wondering if life will return back to the normal we know or will there be a new normal for us all.

Leaders now more than ever need to keep their team focused on the organizations vision, as it is so easy now that everyone is not in the same office to loose focus on it. The vision could easily fall by the way side resulting in a negative financial impact on the organization furthermore resulting on a negative impact to the customers and the employees.

Leaders need to take charge and steer their ship in the right direction making sure that nobody looses focus and making sure that they are in control at all times.

5 Tips to keep your team focused on the organizations vision:

  • Stay in contact with customers and suppliers, find out how they are doing and if you can assist them in any way. The chances are that if you aren’t an essential service you won’t be able to assist them, but just letting them know that you care says a lot. Don’t only make contact with them once, contact them weekly, as you will be working from home the chances that they too are working from home is good. If you are a essential service still find out how all your customers and suppliers are doing, just because some of them might also be open during this time doesn’t mean that all is well, still show them that you care.
  • Remain transparent at all times, let your team know what is going on in the business. If big decisions needs to be made once everyone returns to work you want a supportive response from everyone you don’t want a unpleasant reaction from them. Being transparent also lets your team know that you trust and value them and their opinions.
  • The way that you communicate during this time is crucial. The message that you give to everyone needs to be clear and laid out in a manner that everyone will understand what you are saying. The key is not to assume that your team knows what you are saying when you are vague and speaking in code.
  • You need to communicate with your team on a regular basis, you as leader needs to find out how they are doing and what progress they have made since you last spoke with them. You might have given them a list of tasks to do and again don’t assume they understood what you needed or how important the tasks are, communicate this with them.
  • You might need your team to shift their focus onto one specific part of your vision (one specific part of the organization) so you need to steer them in this direction. You need to let them know what numbers to look at and to focus on. You don’t want them working on what they think is important when in actual fact it is more critical for them to be focusing else where.

By using the top 5 Tips you as leader can ensure that your team remains focused on your vision. They will know exactly what areas they need to focus on also making sure that customers and suppliers are kept in the loop at all times.

Clarity of vision creates clarity of priorities.

John C. Maxwell

We have all entered into uncharted waters, not knowing exactly what lies ahead. This is the time for you to be the captain of your ship, to lead your team as they are looking to you as their leader their captain to guide them to steer them to safer ground.

If there is anyone reading this providing a essential service, thank you for your service to our country or which ever country you are from and all her people. We appreciate you.

Keep safe everyone. God Bless you all.

Written by: Ana-Lize Drummond

I help organizations maximize their profits and discover their why, their purpose, by building high performing engaged teams.

Published on: Apr 3, 2020

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