Life is like a Parkrun!

How many of you have done a Parkrun before?  I did the Delta Park Parkrun for the first time on Saturday, I got there about 8 minutes before the start only to find out that I needed to park outside the park because all the parking inside had been taken.  I got to the start about 30 seconds after the start time and was quite surprised to see how many people there were. I later found out that there were just over a 1000 people, the biggest parkrun I have ever done.

As I was not at all familiar with this parkrun I had no idea what the route of terrain was like, was it a flat walk (yes I walk I don’t run), was the path rocky or just sand, were there a lot of up-hills and downhills.  So I just followed everyone in front of me.  As I was walking I noticed that at times I was looking down quite a bit as I was unsure of the ground and I didn’t want to trip, I was listening to the people around me conversations and I suddenly realized that Life is like a Parkrun, its how we walk or run it that matters most.

What makes Life like a Parkrun?

  1. I arrived 8 minutes before the parkrun started only to find that I had to park outside – don’t assume you know everything in life, always be prepared for the unexpected. Never stop your personal growth journey.
  2. I arrived 30 seconds after the start – never be late for anything, it is a bad reflection on you.  Always arrive early for appointments and meetings, rather sit and wait then arrive late and miss out on the beginning which at times could be the most important part.
  3. At times I would look down a lot as I was unsure of the terrain – there are times in life when we look down a lot, not believing in yourself or your abilities.  We are so busy just following others that although we are moving forward we are not moving forward at our own pace or with confidence.  This doesn’t happen all the time but during different periods in our lives we look down more than other times.
  4. I pasted quite a few people at the beginning of the walk – when starting a new project or goal we work full steam ahead and are ready and rearing to go.  At times not paying attention to everything and everyone we are passing, just worrying about ourselves and where we are going.
  5. At times I walked close and long enough to people that I could hear what they were talking about, I didn’t walk with the same people the whole time but heard a few different stories about a wedding, a upcoming party, someone becoming a vegetarian, how thin one of their mutual friends are and about how a young adult had lost the plot and had lost all their friends – as we are on the journey of our life we meet a lot of different people and we form relationships with these people, some people are in our lives for a long time and others just for a fleeting moment.  We all become intertwined in each other’s daily lives and each one has their own story to tell.  We form opinions of others and help each other where we can.
  6. People passed me on the up hills, as I am not very fit I slowed down on the up hills – there are times that we get tired on our life journey, we slow down and are not as focused as other times.  We continue to move forward but just at a slower pace.
  7. When we got to the downhills I would catch up to some of the people that had passed me – when one has had a bit of a slump you always pick yourself up again and move forward with purpose getting back on track again.
  8. I walked under beautiful trees and crossed bridges with water flowing underneath them – there is beauty in life and we need to pay attention on our journey through life, we need to see and live the beauty that our life is.
  9. I stopped to take a photo of the skyline as well as of a sunflower – sometimes we might just need a bit of a breather or just need to gather ourselves before we carry on and start the next chapter in our lives.  Time out isn’t always a bad thing.
  10. I saw a very strange lady on the walk, she was covered from head to toe, the only skin I saw was on her hands, she appeared out of nowhere, walked ahead of me, then behind me and then suddenly raced past me and then I passed her again – we meet very different kinds of people on our life journey.  We need to take a moment and get to know the people we meet, never judging the book by its cover. There might just be a gem under the cover.
  11. When I could see the end of the walk I walked faster to see if I could better my last recorded parkrun time – in life we are always pushing ourselves to be better, to improve and achieve our goals at all cost.
  12. At the end of the parkrun as I was walking back to my car I met up with two ladies who I spoke to, when we got to their car they asked me where my car was to make sure I would be ok – you meet people in your life who truly care about you, your wellbeing and your success, these people aren’t only in your life for a reason or a season, they walk the journey of life with you.  It could be someone that you met many years ago or a new friendship but they are by your side from the minute they meet you until the end of your life.
  13. The two ladies I met do a different parkrun each week – life is an adventure, take risks and do what you are passionate about.  Mix it up a bit, drive a different way to work, don’t always go to the same place on holiday, wear that red dress or red loud tie.  You only get one life live it!
  14. At the end of the parkrun I had to walk to my car which was outside the park – we should live our lives to the fullest and never stop until we breathe our last breath on this earth.  When one chapter in our lives needs a bit of tweaking we do it, when it’s time to start a new chapter we start writing it.  We need to live an infinite life.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parkrun and once again I realized that I am loving my life journey, I am holding my own pen and I am writing my own story.

Are you enjoying the “parkrun” that you are on?

Written by: Ana-Lize Drummond

I help organizations maximize their profits and discover their why, their purpose, by building high performing engaged teams.

Published on: Feb 24, 2020

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