Why An Engaged Team You Might Ask?

I am sure you have come across the phrase “A happy team” quite a few times, you see this all over social media, but do you think that you only need a happy team, do you think a happy team is the answer to what you might be facing at your organization at the moment?  Yes I do believe that a team should be happy but you are not looking for just a happy team you are looking for an engaged team.  An engaged employee is one that cares for the vision, mission, values and goals of an organization, they are the employees you want on your team because they will take your organization from good to great.  An engaged team will result in satisfied clients and satisfied shareholders as not only will services improve but profits will also improve.

Did you know an engaged employee performs 42% better than a disengaged employee.

I recently read an article that stated the following about the percentage of the 3 levels of engagement of employees in organizations in South Africa:

Engaged Employees – 9%

These employees are loyal and emotionally committed to the organization.  They are in positions where they excel and their talents are used.  They invest in their work and take responsibility outside of their job descriptions.  These are usually where you will find your leaders and they will stay a lot longer at an organization than disengaged employees.

Disengaged Employees – 46%

These employees can be difficult to identify they are relatively happy and satisfied in their position. How you will identify them is that they usually do the bare minimum and are not invested in the organizations mission, vision, values or goals. They are seldom customer focused and are not at all concerned about productivity and the organizations profitability.  These team members are both a threat and a great opportunity because with the proper approach, they can be transformed into engaged employees.

Actively Disengaged Employees – 45%

These employees are consistently negative, they create a toxic environment and are very vocal about their unhappiness.  What makes this worse is that they are usually very knowledgeable in their unique skillset and because of this they often have a lot of influence over others.  These employees can easily spread toxicity throughout an organization and there is almost no chance of changing them to engaged employees.

Disengaged leaders are many times more likely to have disengaged employees.  Good management but poor leadership is creating an active disengagement and the economy is living proof.  Did you know that 9 out of 10 employees are disengaged or actively disengaged?

I challenge you to take a piece of paper and write down the name of each of your employee’s or members of your team and then identify under which of the above they fall.  Remember to be honest! How many of them are engaged?

Another problem that there is in many organizations is that they have lost focus on the employees they no longer care for the well-being or growth of their employees.  The name of the game is PROFIT, as long as the growth in profit is there the rest doesn’t matter, the shareholders are capitalizing so what more does there need to be.  Organizations have a clear discontent with their employees, work life integration doesn’t exist and at the end of the day employees feel like and believe that they are just a number.  The disengagement and active disengagement is skyrocketing and all the organizations are worried about is profit. Customer service has also deteriorated and organizations just can’t seem to put their finger on the problem, the problem is the engagement of the employees.

Employee engagement comes down to organizations showing that they genuinely care about all their employees and creating a culture that supports and empowers them.

Below are 5 reasons from Jostle why it is so important to have engaged employees:

  1. Engaged employees boost productivity – employees who are invested in their roles are more productive than others.
  2. Employee engagement increases customer satisfaction – employees who are passionate about their work are often the best people to interact with your customers, because their passion is infectious and your customers notice this.
  3. You’ll retain your best people – engaged employees are involved and invested in their roles and therefore less likely to leave their job.  If your best people aren’t engaged you may risk losing them.  Keeping them engaged is absolutely essential.
  4. Employee engagement enhances company culture – employees who are engaged are easier to work with.  Not because they are happier or more cheery, it’s because they ooze out a culture of employee engagement.  They also bring an atmosphere of energy to the team which is infectious and are always willing to assist those around them.
  5. Engagement is a symptom of success – engagement is usually a result of personal or team success.  Engaged employees feel that their work matters, that they are valued and when their successes are recognized, they feel like they’ve succeeded in making a meaningful impact at work.

Now you may ask what the culture of employee engagement is. According to Forbes, it’s a workplace that’s “designed first and foremost, around its company values”. Creating a culture of employee engagement requires “checking in with their employees to ensure that the organizations mission aligns with the ways that employees currently work and the ways that they want to work”.

Organizations need to do a reality check and be honest with themselves, they need to take the eye flaps off their eyes and see what is happening around them.  There are a few organizations out there that have a clear view but there are so many that don’t. 

Each organization needs to step up to the plate and bring back the employee first culture.  This isn’t an overnight fix but just putting an action plan into place and starting is a step in the right direction.

If you have a look on my webpage you will find a Toolkit with different ways of building an Engaged Team.  Please also have a look at the “Work with me” Tab where you will find different services that I provide all focusing on helping you build an Engaged High Performing Team.

Never forget engagement is at best, a symptom of success. 

Written by: Ana-Lize Drummond

I help organizations maximize their profits and discover their why, their purpose, by building high performing engaged teams.

Published on: Nov 21, 2019


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